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5 in 1 Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner

5 in 1 Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner

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  • Color:- As per available
  • Material:-Plastic
  • Size:- 15 x 8 x 2.8 cm
  • Package includes:- 1 x 5 in 1 Cleaning Brush Kit

    Do you know that your mobile phone, earbud, and keyboard might be 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat? They are filthy from daily use and there is no escape from it. Fortunately, there is a modern way to clean modern gadgets. Sweeply will reach places where cotton swab, vacuum, and the rag cannot and wipe your devices inside-out, restoring their peak sound quality and cleanliness. Stay safe and healthy with Sweeply !

    Precision dirt picker – for small and deep openings

    A precise metal picker with stainless steel is located at one tip of the Sweeply. This tip, while having a deep, pronounced shape to reach inside the sockets and sound tubes of your devices, has no sharp edges that may damage your devices. The stainless steel will prevent harmful microorganisms from growing on it.

    Micro Fabrics Brush – for ridges, edges, and hard-to-reach gaps

    Removing the handle will unveil a soft, plushy micro-bristle brush. This brush is our invention by combining micro-mesh fabrics into a fine brush. The soft, wool-like surface will generate static electricity to help pick up tiny lint and dust without actually touching them. After collecting dirt, all it takes is a swipe with your fingers to restore it to unused condition again.

    Bristle brushes – for mesh, irregular surfaces

    The soft brushes are more focused on quickly cleaning any surface-level dust and debris. Keeping your earbuds clean is very crucial in order to keep away any potential build-up. The portable handheld device has a retractable brush on one end and a microfiber brush on the other, which will keep everything clear of significant grime, be it dust or debris. And, being that it comes in such a compact size, it’s a grab-and-go that you can take from the home to the office and back, at your leisure.

    Before & After

    As you can see, we have the Right Air pod that is completely destroyed and filled with grime and debris which has not been clean for 2 weeks now. Combining both the soft and bristle brushes, we were able to get rid of most of the dirt but there were still some hairs and tiny dust particles that were trapped in the cracks so we finished off by using the dirt picker and the cleaning gel to suck the last bit of remaining dirt that is left behind making it effortless to clean.

    Different Earbuds

    Sweeply can clean up all types of earbuds in the market now, including in-ear earbuds and hanging earbuds. Other than wireless earbuds, Sweeplys can also clean wired earbuds. This cleaning tool can cover all the brands such as Apple, BOSE, Microsoft, JBL, Beats, and more…

    Different Gadgets

    Sweeply does only clean the earbuds, but also the keyboards, glasses, laptops, gaming controllers, etc. being that it is multi-functional, the microfiber brush allows you to clean any dust on your monitor or camera lenses, and the superior brushes will get in your earphone sound hole, mesh, mobile phone microphone hole, sound hole, and the cleaning gel will stick all the leftover fine hairs that the dirt picker wouldn’t be able to pick up.

    Easy to pull keys

    With a simple key puller, the change of keycap is no longer laborious and the removal of the keycap is cleaner and more thorough


    • Color:- As per available
    • Material:-Plastic
    • Size:- 15 x 8 x 2.8 cm

    • Package includes:- 1 x 5 in 1 Cleaning Brush Kit

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