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Car Seat Gap Storage Box

Car Seat Gap Storage Box

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💥 Stop the Madness

Clean up your behind-the-wheel mess with our Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer. Pens, note pads, smartphones, snack bags, charging cords — everything goes into one solid storage solution. Discover a cleaner car interior today. Free up clutter from your cup holders, center console, and car-door pockets today.

💥 Great for Sedans, Trucks, Vans

Our Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer fits into the space between your car seat and center console for an out-of-the-way storage accessory that also is conveniently within reach. No more fumbling into your purse in the passenger seat or reaching with one arm into the backseat for something you need. Keep your essentials right where you can safely grab.

💥 No More Crack of Doom

Ever have a pen, parking garage ticket, or even your phone fall into that wedge between your seat and center console? Stop killing your hands by reaching down into that tight space. Close up that space with this life-saving organizer.

💥 Left- and Right-Configurations

Our clever car accessory comes in models fit for the driver-side and passenger-side of your car, allowing you (and any riders) complete peace of mind from losing valuable essentials.

💥 It’s Safer Driving

No one should be distracted when behind the wheel. In a split second, you can misjudge or miss something and potentially get into an accident — endangering not only yourself, but a family member or friend. Wizen up and stop the aimless searching and grabbing behind the wheel — and keep everything right at hand’s reach with this made-for-safety storage solution.

💥 Easy Installation

Just slide into the gap between the seat and the center console. The car gap filler can fill the gap between the seat and the center console to prevent your mobile phone or other objects from falling into the gap while driving, so that the car is always clean and tidy. neat. And only when it gets dirty do you need to clean it with a damp cloth.

💥 Charging Hole Pad Leather

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