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Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp

Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp

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Get rid of all surrounding insects in your home or office! Our Lamp has a fatal attraction of insects mosquito. Never again be worried about any bites or buzzing sounds anywhere!

Tired of Being Bitten? Let’s Lure These Insects to Their Death.

Too violent there? We wouldn’t say so. Because no one has time to deal with the itchy-agony that comes with mosquito bite after mosquito bite.

Stop wishing for peace with sprays and horrid-smelling essential oils and get some real work done with our built-to-perform Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp.

Our machine radiates UV light to lure mosquitoes into the chamber where a high-efficiency cyclone suction kills them quickly.

Our mosquito-killing device radiates low noise for a non-disruptive solution that works anywhere.

Say Goodbye to the Buzz Sound & Insects

Keep family and friends safe without the unpleasantries of traditional chemical-heavy bug sprays and pesticides.

Our Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp ensures not an ounce of bad into your home or office for high performance that’s not only quiet, but effective.

Enjoy an insect free environment and say Goodbye to painful bites!

No Messy, Costly and Harmful Sprays!

Designed with a built-in 5V 400 mAh rechargeable battery, you can conveniently charge up this mosquito-killer with a USB charging cable. That means whether by laptop or wall outlet, you can power up this must-have device anytime, anywhere.

There is no radiation, non-toxic and chemical-free, and is extremely silent, being ideal for the baby nursery or adult bedroom.

All that you must do in order to clean and disinfect the electric mosquito killer is to twist and remove the retaining cage on the bottom and empty the tray with the dead in mosquitos.


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