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🔥Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner🔥

🔥Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner🔥

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As a gift for your loved ones, this Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner will be perfect!😍

Super suction get rid of all the dust you couldn't reach before! 


Super strong fan, blow away dust without residue!

It can also be used as a vacuum compressor, sucking air, keeping fresh, preventing moisture, preventing spoilage, and isolating bacteria!


  • 【SMALL, PORTABLE & EASY TO CARRYThe vacuum cleaner is Mini and compact, convenient to store. It is hand-held, you will not be tired if you hold it for a long time. Store in the box & ready for a long-lasting weekend & picnic.






  • CLEANS UP EVERY HARD-TO-REACH CORNER OF CAR & HOMEAll-round cleaning, no dead ends, exquisite design to reach every corner of the home & car. Comes with detachable accessories to reach every corner to clean.
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  • PORTABLE & CORDLESSWithout cords, it can be moved anywhere. At the same time, various cleaning heads can clean anywhere, such as the car seat aperture, car dashboard, air vent, the sofa of the gap in the home, the blind angle, etc.undefined
  • 【WASHABLE FILTER】Visualized dust bucket, remind you at any time whether the dust bucket needs to be cleaned, the filter element can be washed with water & reused lifelong. 



  • Size: 16*8.5*15cm / 21.3*61.3*6.7cm(Enhanced Edition)
  • Net Weight: 240g / 510g
  • Battery: 2000mAh*2
  • 120W high power
  • Vacuum suction: 6000Pa / 4500Pa (Enhanced Edition)
  • Using time: 20-30min
  • Cleaning light: Only for White and Black version.


Package Includes: ( White and Black version )

  • ①Vaccum machine
    ②long suction nozzle
    ③brush head
    ④Charing cable

Package Includes: (Enhanced Edition)

  • ① main machine 

    ② long flat suction head 

    ③ charging wire 

    ④ short brush suction head 

    ⑤ inflatable mouth 

    ⑥ exhaust mouth



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