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Wear-resistant Easy to Use Free-Hands Snack Chopsticks

Wear-resistant Easy to Use Free-Hands Snack Chopsticks

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Play Games & Use Finger Chopsticks Your Lazy Assistant Clip

👉Size : The proper size can fit the fingers of most people. It weighs only 10gms, so wearing it will not affect your gaming experience.

👉Material : It is made of food grade ABS plastic. Safety and environmental protection, easy to clean, can be reused.

👉Easy To Use " You need to insert the index finger and middle finger into the round hole, so that the game chopsticks are placed above the fingers, you can easily control the chopsticks to hold food.

👉No Dirty Hands : When you are using your mobile phone, computer or at work, you can eat potato chips or other snacks without contaminating your hands.

👉When you play mobile games, your friends bring you snacks.

👉You want to eat but don't want to dirty your hands, what should you do now?

👉Now, with this finger chopsticks, you can easily eat snacks while playing computer or mobile games

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