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Pet Bath Brush (Buy One Get One)

Pet Bath Brush (Buy One Get One)

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Our silicone dog bath brush is designed to give your pup the perfect bath time experience. Its soft and durable bristles provide a luxurious feeling that will make your pup feel pampered and loved as you give them a gentle clean and exfoliation.


Introducing the perfect bath time companion for your pup: our multifunctional silicone dog bath brush! This brush is designed to massage, bath, and comb your pup's fur while also controlling the shower gel with the pressing force of your hand. Its soft and flexible silicone bristles help to remove dead hair, lice and bugs, while promoting your pup's blood circulation and overall health. 

Give your pup the perfect bath time experience with our siliconedog bath brush! This brush is designed to massage, bath, andcomb your pup's fur with its soft and durable bristles. Its eco-friendly materials allow you to control the shower gel with thepressing force of your hand, while also removing dead hair, liceand bugs.


❌ Long exhausting bathing time 🆚 Quick and easy cleaning

❌ Hard to get any foaming soap 🆚 Easy foaming and bubbles

❌ Hard dangerous bristles 🆚 Perfect for pups and elderly dogs

❌ Waste of shampoo 🆚 Save shampoo with the built-in dispenser

❌ Dogs hate bathing 🆚 Dogs enjoy getting a massage


🐾 Grooming 🐾 | 🐾 Cleaning 🐾 | 🐾 Massaging 🐾 | 
🐾 Bathing 🐾 | 🐾 Shedding 🐾 

Get yours today and show your pup just how much you care! 🐈🐶❤️


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