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SilentLift™ - Silicone Invisible Heightening Pain Relief Insole

SilentLift™ - Silicone Invisible Heightening Pain Relief Insole

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Increase Your Height Invisibly, Live With More Confidence.

Meet our Invisible Heightening Insole! Increase your height by 2.5-5cm & feel the ultimate comfort in an instant without anyone knowing your secret! 


1. Invisible Design 🥷: These insoles are so discreet, you'll feel like a ninja when you wear them.

2. Comfortable and Breathable 🌬️: Like a gentle breeze on your feet, these insoles provide all-day comfort and breathability.

3. Heightening Effect 📈: Give yourself a boost without sacrificing comfort, just like a rising stock chart.

4. Pain Relief 🩹: Soothe away foot aches and pains like a magic bandage.

5. Shock Absorption 💥: Protect your joints and muscles from shock and impact, like a superhero's shield.

Increase Your Fitness Height Invisibly

Wear them inside socks and then wear bigger shoes than usual. Your height will increase exactly 2.0 cm to 5 cm. No moving, No slipping. No one knows the secret of your increased height.

Flexible High Elastic Material

The heel pad is made of premium silicone material, which has strong elasticity and does not pinch the foot.

Breathable & Comfortable Design

There are many small holes on both sides of the silicone insole, which can effectively ventilate and not stuffy feet.

Suitable For Any-Type Of Shoes 

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