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ChillTube™ - Wearable Summer Ice Ring

ChillTube™ - Wearable Summer Ice Ring

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"I always put an ice cold water bottle on the back of my neck when I'm really hot, but realistically you can only hold it there for like a minute, so this is a lot better."

✅ is safe for your skin

✅ gets cold in minutes

✅ is adjustable for all sizes

Cold neck ring features: the main reason is that the liquid inside is imported liquid. After the product is frozen in the refrigerator, it can be directly contacted with the skin for use, and water drops will not fog on the surface, and the temperature is always around 18 degrees, very comfortable to wear! If it is ordinary water, it cannot be used directly to touch the skin after being frozen in the refrigerator, and it will be very cold! Our cold neck ring is made of special liquid, which is very comfortable to wear when directly touching the skin!



  • High quality: Made of high quality TPU material . It is tightly sealed, durable, and can be used for a long time without tearing or breaking easily.


  • Safe enjoyable: Enjoy the cooling time of 4-6 hours indoors and 3-5 hours outdoors. The cooling time varies with the external environment.


  • Reusable: If the cooling tubes state turns into liquidation, put it in a refrigerator for 15 minutes, then the neckband will soon be solid, which means you can use it again.


  • Easy to carry: The cooling tube with small size and can be easily put into the bag, so it is easy to carry and use when go out.


  • Wide range of applications: Wear this neck cooling ring while walking your dog, golfing, fishing, playing basketball, cycling, hiking, driving, or even gardening, it will keep you cool and comfortable.


  • Fabric material: TPU+PCM Gel
  • Filler Material: Water + Ice Crystal
  • Color: Blue/Pink/Purple
  • Product size: 19.5*16*19cm
  • Product weight: 182g
  • Package includes: 1 x Summer Cooling Neckband



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