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SupportMax™ - Double Sided, waterproof Socket Fixer Cable Organizer (Pack Of 2)

SupportMax™ - Double Sided, waterproof Socket Fixer Cable Organizer (Pack Of 2)

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Imagine coming home and no longer finding that pile of electronic devices scattered everywhere

With SuportMax you can keep your devices always tidy. Leaving the environment in your home, office or kitchen counter more beautiful and organized


Put an end to the mess once and for all

No more having to deal with disorganized wires and cables, lost adapters and devices randomly thrown around the house. With our solution, you can finally have a centralized and organized place for your electronics.


Acrylic Gel Technology

Thanks to its innovative formulation, the acrylic gel can be cleaned several times without losing its original adhesion. This means you can use it repeatedly in different areas of your home or office, without the need to constantly buy new adhesive backings.

Safety first

In addition to keeping devices organized, our product also helps protect them from damage caused by drops, spills or dust. With it, you can be sure that your devices will always be safe, while remaining well organized.

Easy installation in seconds

Our product comes with all the necessary instructions for installation, so that you can do it without difficulties. Additionally, it is made with lightweight and durable materials that do not require complicated tools or special skills to handle.


Don't waste any more time trying to organize your home with improvised solutions. Get SuportMax now and discover how easy it is to get rid of the pile of devices scattered around the house. You will not regret!

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